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Sage Online

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Get free access Sage online accounting for one month. At SageNext, we deliver cloud hosting accounting product for businesses. Small medium enterprises are achieving targeted business goals. Working with us increases productivity and efficiency of the corporates delivering back to back outputs. The Sage software consists of various modules which a business model consists of like payroll, invoicing, payments, inventory, reporting, VAT, CRM etc. Our services of Online sage improves the method of trading by means of latest technologies.

How Sage Works!

Sage online is an agile software application. Customer relationship management module manages current or potential customers request, interactions and notes highlighted to do the functionalities. However it organizes sales, automate and synchronize the customer service, sales & marketing, technical support. VAT is value added tax which adds the tax value to be paid for a service. Invoicing is created to get payment for services and reporting is the overall review generation of business activities executed. Payment module manages the payments to be received and accounts payable. Other than generic accounting modules customizations services are offered on demand. Payroll manages the real time submission to HMRC, financial records and payslips of the employees in a corporation. Manufacturing is the process of business management of real time data, monitoring and processing of the unit.

Advantages of Sage Online:

  • Sage online accessible anytime anywhere globally.
  • Customers have freedom of choice to select any device. Track business updates on a smartphone.
  • Plug-ins, add-ons, upgrades are automatic.
  • Real time data integration of all the system. Compatible to all the other software application.
  • Data backup and data recovery.
  • 24*7 technical support call, online chat or emails.
  • Ease of business performance & understanding.
  • No IT cost and money saving.
  • IT Infrastructure development needless.
  • Multiple user access based on license.
  • No contract for Monthly subscription.
  • Free online training for new clients.