Sage 300 Hosting

Sage 300 Hosting

Hosted sage 300 platform is a subset of cloud computing that lets us to set up Sage 300 application on a remote server along with it’s associated database. The major attraction of sage 300 hosting is that the firm or department can deploy these technologies without setting up server or managing them using their own experienced and highly paid IT staffs. Setup and management of those cloud enabled infrastructure will go to the shoulders of the hosting provider. The Sage 300 online hosting providers are companies having data centers just to host applications. Thus, we get an opportunity to use world class data center facilities by just paying some nominal hosting fees.

Why Sage 300 hosting is must?

Sage 300 Online HotingSage 300 is a broad application that is specialized in dealing in international businesses. International businesses has their multiple branches across the world and efficient remote access of Sage 300 application makes the software relevant to the requirement. Faster communication, consolidated information and anywhere & anytime access will give the application an extra wings. The other major reason for Sage 300 online is the compatibility issues. Multiple branches across the world can consists of various technologies and all of them will not be able to put in equal efforts for smooth data synchronization and other related activities. To get rescued from this issue, hosted Sage 300 is the best option. It’s platform independent, capable of supporting all circumstances.

Our experience with Sage 300 online:

We have helped many dozens of larger organizations to transform their local hosted application setup into our cloud. They tested us first and once believed, they migrated all their IT operations to our platform and we are able to serve them with our full efforts. Our hosted setup easily cope with lower bandwidth internet.