Sage On Cloud

Sage On Cloud

Sage on cloud is a well proven idea for small businesses which helps them to grow their business with less expenses. Now a days you can’t escape from the cloud, if you miss, you will be loosing golden opportunities that comes with cloud enabled resources. Sage on the cloud gives a complete setup of server, storage, application and efficient network that gives you anywhere and anytime access to your software. It enables business partners to continuous sync with their business flow and also lets employees to input their part from wherever they are. That helps in increasing the business productivity and gives an additional pace to our business process. Sage in the cloud gives us complete freedom from managing systems, software, backup and network infrastructures. We don’t even need to hire any IT specialist to manage our resources.

We are a leading provider for sage on the cloud. We have many years of experience in cloud services and having efficient technicians who can deal with any aspects of sage applications.

Our world class and US based data center will instill a sound trust to our resources that we deliver to you. We put in our best efforts to research for the technologies that can further enhance our sage in the cloud system.

Benefits of Sage on cloud:

1- High availability:

Our cloud based platforms are backed up in such a way that your entire setup will be restored within a few minutes if the system crashes. We use efficient resources in the form of disks and network that is capable of giving you an excellent experience. We guarantee 99.95% service uptime.

2- Standard security:

We have 3 layers of security arrangements that protects our online platform from viruses as well as intruders. Our robust antivirus helps you catch any suspicious objects as soon as it appears. Our platform always passes the security compliance scans.

3- Cost effective service:

The best sage cloud service you get with a very low price. We don’t charge anything for setup, migration, data backup and 24X7 technical support. You get everything included in your monthly hosting fee.