Sage ACT Cloud

Sage ACT Cloud

Sage ACT CloudWe provide seamless access to your Sage Act application along with associated data, giving you the reliability, redundancy, and security of a world class data center. We help you to save your time by freeing you up from purchasing and setting up the servers and applications from the scratch. Instead, you get an opportunity to use the resource as per your exact need and you pay for what you use. For Act cloud, you get a cost effective service for your continuous accounting operations which is capable of delivering even more if you have a high demand of resources. At some certain points, if your process needs more memory, your wish is fulfilled without any downtime. So, the server resources are automatically scaled up and down as per the requirement of end users. You may think of privacy and security problems with your Sage Act online. To address your concern, we have all the necessary arrangements in the form of stronger data encryption techniques, security certifications and accreditations.

Our cloud platform lets you to store all your accounting associated data for use with your Sage act application along with other addons if you have any. You can also use your local drives to the same Act cloud interface to exchange data between local and cloud.

Benefits of Sage Act Online:

1- Platform Independent:

Our Sage act cloud service is a platform independent resource to enable you to use the setup from any kind of devices like: windows computers, MAC, iPhone as well as android devices.

2- Free Backup service:

We backup the entire data twice a day and keep it for the last 30 days. We take no charge for the backup service and help you to restore the data if your files become corrupt or damaged.

3- 24X7 technical support:

We technical support team is available by 24 hours to assist if you land in any problems. 24X7 technical support service becomes extremely important you are running out of time during your critical accounting hours.