Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 Cloud

We move your Sage 50 application over cloud to create a cost effective and agile platform to give you all the benefits of cloud computing into your accounting operations. Sage 50 cloud is a platform independent resource that runs on every device that you use. You don’t need to subscribe for any additional software, neither you need to purchase any hardware. Sage 50 cloud based is a pre ready interface and you can start working as soon as it is delivered to you.

Benefits of Sage 50 in the cloud:

It has lots of benefits like: anywhere anytime access, cost effectiveness, efficient multi-user feature and many more. These benefits help you to grow your business more rapidly than your competitors. Your business becomes more responsive to the current requirements.

Features of Sage 50 cloud:

The features of this service are: efficient remote printing, unlimited free technical support, free daily data backups and no worries of software and hardware updates. Sage 50 cloud based is a solid remote infrastructure enables you to focus on your core jobs instead of spending your precious time on hardware and software management.

How it works:

Sage 50 in the cloud is a very easy to use setup. It consists of an icon that you need to place at your desktop. Once you double click on that icon, you will be logged into the cloud. So, your cloud platform is just a click away.

Who uses it:

The cloud service is used by CPAs, accounting professionals as well as small and mid sized businesses for their accounting operations. We have more than 500 clients across USA, successfully using our services over the years.