Why ERP in the Cloud

Why ERP in the Cloud

Investing for your business in the cloud lists several benefits for an organization. ERP referred as Enterprise Resource Planning ensures efficient business management including all the entities of a corporation. The business acts on a single platform offering real time access to the users. In-house ERP solutions are meant to host on local servers of the clients system. Accessibility has restriction for which users can access once login from the in-house system. Moving to ERP on cloud can leverage the complexities and deliver maximum flexibility to operate the accounts and finance online from anywhere, anytime.

Features of ERP in the Cloud Hosting:

  • Upgrades to business modules are automatic.
  • Instant business updates on the system. Mobile apps are more quick and fast to check updates.
  • ERP cloud computing business solution is fast and reliable to host on remote online servers.
  • Real time data management and sharing.
  • Multiple users can access the same screen to collaborate and increase productivity.
  • Hosting in the cloud clarifies the business functionality properly and ensures security.
  • Quality, quantity and efficiency of the management are more visible than on premise ERP desktop.
  • Ease of business with more user controls.

Achievements of an organization using ERP in the cloud:

It has a central database which is accessed by multiple authenticated users providing real time data sharing therefore supports different functions of a business. ERP in the cloud used by different business units simplifies the business management system. The ERP system integrates all the essential processes and departments to run the trading of the organization. Manage CRM, Reporting, accounting, payments, inventory, invoicing, human resource all on just one real time interface proactively. With SageNext ERP Cloud Hosting services, you get unlimited technical support anytime. Access your company profile on any device using mobile apps. Just call/phone, email or online chat with technicians to resolve issues.